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Delay in Passthrough Camera Feed Versus Virtual World in Unity with XR All-in-One Plugin

Honored Guest

I am developing a mixed reality application in Unity using the XR All-in-One plugin from the Unity Store with a target device being the Quest 3. I've successfully integrated the RigCamera, Hands, and Controllers tracking, as well as enabled passthrough using BuildingBlocks. However, I'm experiencing a noticeable delay in the passthrough feed from the real world — about half a second — while the virtual world interactions remain at full speed, causing a mismatch between the two.

Steps I've taken so far:

  • Ensured all configurations in 'Project Settings -> Meta XR' are correct.
  • Updated the project settings for Android build.
  • Tested with Unity version 2022.3.20f1 LTS, as recommended by Meta.
  • Enabled passthrough in the Oculus properties app

I've also recorded a video demonstrating the issue. You can see how the virtual hands or/and controller react immediately when I move in the real world. However, the passthrough is really slow, causing this mismatch I have been talking about.

Does anyone know how to synchronize the passthrough feed with the virtual world and eliminate this delay? Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated as I am really lost where the problem is coming from.