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Disable home button gesture

Honored Guest
I work at a technology company where we are developing an experience for the "Meta Quest 2" device in the Unity environment.
In our use case, the user never needs to exit the application, since when finished he should remove the helmet and continue with his visit.
Our users are not necessarily familiar with Oculus technology, and we fear that they may accidentally perform the gesture to open the universal menu. For this reason, we request help to disable this option, since we have not found how to do it in the documentation of either the SDK or the device. The experience works entirely through "Hand Tracking", so turning it off is not an option.
We have found out about third-party services such as ArborXR, ManageXR or Oculus for Business, which allow you to put the device in "Kiosk Mode", but having them would exceed the budget of our project.
As developers we would like to make a simpler and more personalized implementation, since many of its services are not necessary for our case. We would appreciate it if you could tell us how we can modify the behavior of the operating system. Are there Android ADB commands? Perhaps an attribute declaration in the application Manifest?
Thank you in advance.