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DllNotFoundException: AudioPluginOculusSpatializer issue


Hello everyone,

I get a DllNotFoundException: AudioPluginOculusSpatializer error when I press PLAY in unity.

Edit>Project Settings>Audio>Spatializer Plugin already set OculusSpatializer.
How can I solve this problem?


Oculus integration : V42
Unity : 2021.3.2f1





Same problem in multiple projects.. Also lose haptics as soon as this happens
Can be windows 11 related or oculus driver. IDK.. Same project on win 10 with other person works just fine.

After deleting library, reinstalling everything oculus, and trying, it did work on friday, but now on monday the error is back..



I took the same project to my old computer to test (OS is WIn10).

Using the same Unity and Oculus integration SDKs, the same error did not occur.

@AdamsCheng thanks for the feedback
I already thought this was a windows 11 only bug.

I've found a workaround by choosing Legacy/OVR driver in the oculus dropdown in Unity. Then the project  works without any errors, but isn't OpenXR compatible anymore. 

So hopefully oculus / windows / Unity will fix this soon. As windows 11 is already more than a year old.


Did you solve this problem? 
I have a VIVE VR headset,too.

So I installed VIVE SDK , Steam VR and Oculus in my PC.
After removing the VIVE SDK and SteamVR, Unity did not show errors.

For your reference.

Honored Guest

I had the same issue in my Unity Editor on macOS (Apple Silicon). I could resolve the issue by setting to following configs on the AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.bundle file:

Platform settings > Editor > OS: macOS and CPU: Intel 64-bit

@kpprtDo you install Steam VR ? I had steam VR installed before and this problem happened.

I did not. Is SteamVR even available for macOS?

@kpprt  I only have PC...  So, you are happend another issue.....😥

Srry for the late reply.. I don't reveive message from meta that there is a reply.

I didn't have any Vive or other SDK's installed. But I found out that as soon as I use the default Unity OpenXR & disable the OculusXR Feature on the OpenXR build, the errors are gone. (though it still works fine on other headsets now using steamVR etc)