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DllNotFoundException: ovrplatformloader

Level 5
I am trying to build and run the social starter, but the sphere is always black.  When I checked by log I see...

07-13 21:16:31.681  5083  5099 D Unity   : Unable to lookup library path for 'ovrplatformloader', native render plugin support disabled.
07-13 21:16:31.681  5083  5099 E Unity   : Unable to find ovrplatformloader
07-13 21:16:31.738  5083  5099 E Unity   : DllNotFoundException: ovrplatformloader
07-13 21:16:31.738  5083  5099 E Unity   :   at (wrapper managed-to-native) Oculus.Platform.CAPI:ovr_UnityInitWrapper (string)
07-13 21:16:31.738  5083  5099 E Unity   :   at Oculus.Platform.AndroidPlatform.Initialize (System.String appId) [0x00019] in D:\My Documents\OculusGoTest\Assets\Oculus\Platform\Scripts\AndroidPlatform.cs:16 
07-13 21:16:31.738  5083  5099 E Unity   :   at Oculus.Platform.Core.Initialize (System.String appId) [0x0007f] in D:\My Documents\OculusGoTest\Assets\Oculus\Platform\Scripts\Platform.cs:114 
07-13 21:16:31.738  5083  5099 E Unity   :   at PlatformManager.Awake () [0x000ae] in D:\My Documents\OculusGoTest\Assets\Oculus\Avatar\Samples\SocialStarter\Assets\Scripts\PlatformManager.cs:104 
07-13 21:16:31.738  5083  5099 E Unity   :   at PlayerController.Awake () [0x00002] in D:\My Documents\OculusGoTest\Assets\Oculus\Avatar\Samples\SocialStarter\Assets\Scripts\PlayerController.cs:20 

I've removed all the oculus assets and re-imported the integration package and an still getting the same error.  I can see the libovrplatformloader in oculus/platform/plugins/android32/ and 'anyplatform' is selected for the plugin.

I'm using Unity 2018.1.0f2 and SDK 1.27.0.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Level 4
For me, the solution was to switch the build target to ARM64.

Level 4
Actually, scratch that. It appeared to work but examining the logs I'm still getting the error.

Not applicable
Yes, it was ARM64, but I had only set the architecture in the project settings, and not in my build script.

Level 4
Yet again, it appeared to be working locally on development builds but not working in the release builds uploaded to the store. This time it appears that SVN had excluded the files from our repository.

Level 4
Okay, I can confirm now that the issue (for me) was due to the file being missing from our repo. The reason it was missing is that svn excludes *.so files globally, so when you add the Oculus Plugin folders, those files are automatically excluded from your commit. The Unity build process ignores the fact that these files are missing from your build so you will have no idea what is wrong until the ovrplatformloader.dll fails to load. You also won't know for sure that this is the problem because you can't upload builds to the store that output debug logs.