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Enable hand and controller tracking at the same time.

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I have a Oculus Quest Pro, and work on a Unity project that needs hand tracking and controller tracking for a physical object, but I can't enable hand and controller tracking at the same time. So I wonder is this possible? or is there any other ways to track a physical object using Oculus?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @wenyingyw! This is a great question, many other users have wondered the same in the past. At this time, it's not quite possible yet to enable both hand and controller tracking. We'd love to hear feedback from our community regarding this, if anyone has any additional insight please let us know! You should also check out our Unity VR Development forum to get in touch with other developers.

Agreed, I'd love to be able to use the right controller like normal and use my left hand as hand tracking

This should really be looked into. Using the controllers as accurate location beacons could do wonders for varios applications that need representing 1 or 2 objects in the 3d space.

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In addition to possibly representing physical objects, Quest Pro controllers could be also used to track legs while using hand tracking for hands. And if more than 2 controllers per headset are allowed in software, I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people buy an extra set or two for proper standalone full-body tracking. It would be even better if a simplified and maybe cheaper "tracker" version of the Pro controller is made available.

This would be very useful for training apps. where one controller is tracking an object (like a crane controller) and the other hand is touching the buttons. 
The new htc standalone headset has this feature. i really need this feature on quest too.

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enable this would be great,4-point tracking for hands and feet. Would unlock possibilities for training and dancing games

This would be so helpful for my work. We use the controllers to track industrial control consoles and we want to use hand tracking at the same time so that people can more easily press the buttons that are on the tracked consoles.

This feature would also be fantastic for all motion platform simulator gamers, the controller could help to keep physical and virtual reality in sync and make motion compensation very easy. You can see what I mean in this video:   We were trying to solve this with Oculus, but for now we will have to use HTC focus 3 because there we can use a tracker during hand recognition.
Please enable this feature (plus ARUCO code recognition)
If you do, we will send you a simulator for free 🙂 

I was wondering if this option is available now?