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Enable hand and controller tracking at the same time.

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I have a Oculus Quest Pro, and work on a Unity project that needs hand tracking and controller tracking for a physical object, but I can't enable hand and controller tracking at the same time. So I wonder is this possible? or is there any other ways to track a physical object using Oculus?




Is this feature now available in the new Quest 3?Does someone know that?

Well the Unity SDK hasn't changed

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Hi there! As far as I understood, the current hardware (cameras) need to change their exposure modes depending on what they are tracking, which is why simultaneous positional tracking of hands and controller is not supported (correct me if I'm wrong pls)

But is there a way that prevents the Quest from switching to controller tracking on Button inputs in general?

In my setup I want to be able to use the controller as a remote to control what the hand-tracked user is seeing, kind of like a showmaster. I was wondering, if this is an issue with the SDK or if I am doing something wrong.

I use Unity, OpenXR, the Hand Tracking Rig with disabled/removed XR Input Modality Controller Driver as well as deactivated Input Tracking. Yet whenever I press a button on my controllers, the hands stop being tracked.