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Entitlement check - question

Honored Guest
Dear Oculus community,
I've added an entitlement check to my GearVR application (Script in opening scene, app ID referenced in platform settings etc.) and when I run it in the Unity editor with debug it shows the entitlement check working in the console and runs fine (I have 'standalone' checked in the inspector panel on platform settings). However, when I build to my s8 it crashes on startup, just a second or two after the splash screen has loaded (presumably because it's deemed to have failed the entitlement check). Is this to be expected, considering the app is still in the submission phase?


If you believe it is shutting down due to entitlement check failure, you will need to handle that gracefully and not just exit the application.

When you perform the entitlement check you get a response of failed or success, if failed I suggest at the very least go to an empty screen that tells the user they have failed the entitlement check and display a quit button.