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Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering doesn't work with URP

I followed the prerequisites mentioned here
But I couldn't make the ETFR work with URP (it seems to work fine with legacy).

When building the app I only get a black screen, no Unity logo, no app launch.

Is URP not supported yet? I don't see any mention of this anywhere.

Anyone else has the issue?


Level 3

[Meta Quest Pro]
I have the same issue. If I enable ETFR with URP, then no Unity splash screen, just black screen and 3 dots indicating an app hang.

Note that this also means eye tracking doesn't work. Because as far as I can tell, enabling ETFR in Player Settings is the only way to enable eye tracking. Which is a separate bug.

Unity 2022.1.17f1
Universal Render Pipeline package: 13.1.8
Oculus XR Plugin package: 3.2.1
Oculus Integrations asset store package: 46.0
Unity-Movement package (Meta Movement): 1.2.1

Level 2

I had the same Issue on Unity 2021.3.14f1 / XR 3.2.1 / URP 13.1.8 and managed to solve it by adjusting the Oculus plugin settings (Phase sync and subsampled layout for Vulcan has to be enabled, others off).