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Failure: Tutorial - Receive Basic Voice Argument Exception

Honored Guest

Hello together, (using unity 2022.3 and oculus plugin v55 with quest2)

I am following the basic oculus tutorials everything worked fine, but now I stuck on "Tutorial - Receive Basic Voice"

I ended up with a failure at the point:
"Add Response Handler GameObject"

When I try to do this, I open up the Undertanding viewer and type "yes" in the utterance, after that I get the array as mentioned in the tutorial. But when I right click and "add response matcher to response handler" I get an "ArgumentException: You can only call GUI functions from inside OnGUI.".
The script is created on the Gameobject, but without any content.

Is that a bug or what am I missing?

Thanks a lot for helping me out!

Best regards, Stefan 


Honored Guest

I use Unity 2022.3.2f1 and v55, and I got exatcly same problem in the same Voice SDK tutorial. Did you find the solution?

Tutorial says it's made in Unity Editor version 2021.3.20f1 and Integration SDK v50.0. Maybe I have to install those since tutorial is little different now. Gotta also say I haven't been using Unity in a while so this could be easy problem to solve that I just don't know.

Honored Guest

Hi Jussi,

unfortunatley not.

But I didn`t tried it further.
I don`t know if this forum is alive yet, but there seems to be noone with the same probs.

I I will find a solution I will post a reply.

Best regards,

Here's more precise version where this bug happens: Unity v2022.3.2f1, Oculus Utilities v1.87.0, OVRPlugin v1.87.0, SDK v1.0.27. I also removed the Canvas and UI things, but it still kept giving the same “ArgumentException: You can only call GUI functions from inside OnGUI” error when I tried to Add responce matcher to Response Handler.

While googling I noticed that same error comes from very random things, like here is another random bug report where it comes when expanding or minimizing Inspector window.

Finally I tried Unity 2021.3.11f1 and everything works fine! So this problem is in Unity 2022.3.2f1 version. Dunno if all 2022 versions have this problem? I'm gonna stick with this 2021 version for now.