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GearVr multiple scenes in game -->lagging

Level 5
Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon or is there some easy way to make it so
that the scenes would run as good as they do separately built.

I have a mission selection scene and each level has their own scene. At level 3 it get´s laggy for almost no functions ingame. Same with 4th scene that separately runs smooth 60 but as part of the project runs badly only 53-54fps

Help would be apperiacted or I´ll go on testing with a one grand scene setting stuff on/off...

Oculus Staff
Thanks, this is the first we've heard about this issue. We've reproduced it and will fix it as soon as possible. Out of curiosity, does it still occur with Unity 5.1.2p3?

Level 5
Currently running 5.2.1.p2 , before I had projects without the fps counter so I don´t know about that 5.1 case.