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GetLoggedInUser returns nothing for user name, 0 for ID

I am trying to do the shared spatial anchors demo ( I built it to my quest device a while ago, and it worked fine. Then yesterday, I tried it again and it seems no longer to be able to access the user account info:

 private void GetLoggedInUserCallback(Message msg)
        if (msg.IsError)
            SampleController.Instance.Log("GetLoggedInUserCallback: failed with error: " + msg.GetError());
        SampleController.Instance.Log("GetLoggedInUserCallback: success with message: " + msg + " type: " + msg.Type);
        var isLoggedInUserMessage = msg.Type == Message.MessageType.User_GetLoggedInUser;
        if (!isLoggedInUserMessage)
        _oculusUsername = msg.GetUser().OculusID;
        _oculusUserId = msg.GetUser().ID;
        SampleController.Instance.Log("GetLoggedInUserCallback: oculus user name: " + _oculusUsername + " oculus id: " + _oculusUserId);
        if (_oculusUserId == 0)
            SampleController.Instance.Log("You are not authenticated to use this app. Shared Spatial Anchors will not work.");
I get a message that says my username is a nullstring, and the ID is zero, which causes the "not authenticated" message to pop up too. I have already re-checked my app permissions in the app manager, it says user profile and user ID are still active.
Was there some update that happend? Like I said the app was working, I set the headset down for a few days, picked it back up and now I get this error. I obviously didn't change the app on the headset. What could possibly cause this change?