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Hand Grab Interactable grab Event?

Honored Guest

hey I am having trouble finding out which event I need to catch from the HandgGrabInteractable to then from that event call a function. In my case the Photon.RequestOwnership(), on the grabbed object.


Here is what I have until now, with help from ChatGPT, and my own research as to what exists and what it just made up and trying to adjust it acordingly:

Screenshot from 2023-05-02 13-11-33.png

What it should do is, using the PhotonView component and the Hand Grab Interactable, catch the grab event and then get the target of that grab event (being the object being grabbed) to then find the Objects PhotonView component and then call the RequestOwnership() method on it.

Alternative Solutions to come to the same result or advice for it is also welcome.