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Hand interaction only works for left hand


I want to use hand interactions for my application to pick up a ball. I have tried the Interaction SDK samples HandTracking scene and that works fine. I can pick up all the object with either my right hand or my left hand.

So I copied that scene to build my own. I replaced the smallPinch object (the key) with a small ball and adjusted the handpose around it so that you grab it with your whole hand.

When I test it, it works fine for my left hand, but it does not work for my right hand. And strangely enough the other objects (the thorch and the cup) also only work for my left hand. And I did not change anything on them nor in the rest of the scene. The only change is the interactable. How is this possible?

@Big_Flex I saw in another post that you're working on the interaction SDK, Hope you don't mind me tagging you in this.



Expert Protege

Thanks for tagging me in this! Could you share your Unity scene file with me? That way I can open it and see what might be causing the issue.


Thanks for your reply. I found out it was caused by the Interaction Group View component on the Visuals. Since I removed and recreated the hand poses and the HandGrabInteractables I noticed that the mirror for the right hand was missing. When I added that it worked again.

But I'll send you the scene anyway, because it is weird that a component on one object (this new ball) impacts the behaviour of other objects that were not changed at all, like the cup.