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Hello VR Project Failing VRC.Quest.Performance.1 on startup

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I recently submitted a game to the Meta Quest App Lab, and it was rejected for failing VRC.Quest.Performance.1, which means the frame rate dipped below allowable levels. When watching the app using the MQDH Performance Analyzer, it showed that a drastic frame drop occurred at the instant the app was launched- before/as the Unity splash screen is shown. In an effort to understand this issue, I built the "Hello VR" introductory project described here: When profiling this incredibly lightweight application using the Performance Analyzer, I still had  performance-check-failing lag at application startup. 

I feel like I am missing something- what is the standard way to launch Unity games that does not result in frame drops? In my game I am using oculus splash screen and a lightweight initial loading scene, but it has not resolved the initial lag.


This is a screenshot of the Performance Analyzer running the "Hello VR" app. 



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Finally you fix?