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Help Needed with Interaction SDK’s Body Pose Detection

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Hello, I’m working on a game with full body tracking through integrating SlimeVR’s lower body set. I’ve already rigged openxr’s XR Origin as well as the trackers’ input onto a humanoid avatar. What I’m trying to achieve now is detecting certain body poses performed by the avatar to trigger certain events. So far I’ve come across Meta’s Interaction SDK which conveniently has Body Pose Detection components. However, the resources and information available regarding its implementation are almost non existent and I’m having trouble working it out myself (still somewhat of a beginner in VR development). Was wondering if anyone has any kind of experience with it or worked on a similar mechanic, any help would be much appreciated!


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I am wondering the same question, will update you if i find anything.

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@thezeyadmans @mngaafar There's now a official tutorial about how to record and detect body poses with Interaction SDK. I hope that helps!