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How long does it take to install an APK on quest 2 using adb or Unity?


I am developing a game on Unity.

The game is working when built to PC.

I am able to create an apk of the game for Android on Unity, for release and development.

In development I use the Patch And Run to run it on the oculus, but the development build has worse performance.

Assuming it even runs the game, and not some older version because it wasn't able to install it.


I tried then to use either Building an APK, then ADB Install for the apk, or using the Unity's Build and Run, when in release, because there is no patch and run on release, only in development.


What happens is that both Unity and ADB install, spend a long time on copying/installing the apk.

I am not sure if it is just taking a very long time, or it's stuck.

There is no way to know.


So how long should it take to copy/install a 3.4GB apk on quest 2? And how can I tell if it's stuck, or there is an error?