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How to access Quest 3's camera image (or passthrough image) directly within the Unity app

Honored Guest

In developing the app using Unity with Oculus Quest3, we want to get the camera image of Quest 3 within the Unity app and recognize specific objects in that image.

1) Is there any way to get the camera image of Oculus Quest 3, or have direct access to the passthrough image ?

2) There is a feature in Quest 3 that captures the current Mixed Reality Screen and I would like to implement that feature directly within the Unity app. Is there an API on the app that can capture the screen of a Quest 3 camera(or passthrough) and if not currently, is there a plan to support it in the future? 

Your advice and help are appreciated.



Accessing the camera from Unity is not possible, also not for screenshots. No one knows if or when Meta will allow this in future.