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How to enable mixed reality capture with iPhone in Unity?

Level 4

I have been trying to get the new v35 iPhone mixed reality capability working, however, I have had no luck. 
I'm not sure what I need to do as I have already enabled mixed reality in OVRManager and also added the following in Start(): 

if (!Oculus.Platform.Core.IsInitialized())

The app on the iPhone just says that mixed reality is not supported. 


Level 3

@Octonic  you can check in here if your iPhone is supported for mobile Mixed Reality Capture. 

@DanRaySN Yeah, I am using the iPhone SE - 2nd version. The mrc works for beat saber, but not my app. Based on what I have read it seems that the functionality should work out of the box by enabling mrc in unity, but perhaps I am missing something? I have also tested the sample mrc scene which results in just a static screen on the phone. 

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i've got a 13 pro max and i can't seem to even find the option. I have live overlay, and i have access to the mobile mixed reality capture app in my library but it doesn't initiate anything on the phone side.