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How to get Hand Joint Location from Hand tracking


Please point me into the right direction. Looking into the OVRPlugin code I can not find a way to get Hand Joint Location, seems like Oculus doesn't provide us with that it correct? I can see that there is a root pose in  OVRPlugin.HandState struct, but that's it. 

What I'm trying to do: well, I want to transfer (and convert) Oculus hand tracking data into Leap motion data format. It will give me a better way to work with hand tracking data as well as to re-use an old Leap codebase. This will also give me access to Leap Motion interaction engine on Oculus Quest.



Look at


they explain everything you need for get the correct information of every bone in your hands. All bones are accessible in your OVRSkeleton.

please leave a kudo if that help you 😉

Yes, this is an alternative way of accessing position data, but:

it means I'll need to use OVRSkeleton script for this, which I dont want, since  it comes with a lot of garbage I don't usually use. It also means I need to have other scripts in my project which OVRSkeleton depends on. I'd like to access the joint position data from the OVRPlugin directly, like I do for rotation data.