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How to have snap interaction while still holding a grabbable object


Here's my scenario. I am developing for the Quest Pro/Quest 3 using the Interaction SDK.

I have a power drill in my hand and I want to use it to turn a screw. I would like the drill's socket to securely latch on to the screw head while I activate the drill and turn the screw and for this joint to break when a certain force threshold is reached. I suspect this has something to so with snap interactions, which I've tried, but I can only get the snapping to happen once I release the drill. I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation on this subject and I would appreciate any help or tips or leads. 



I think I may have found something useful with the one grab physics joint component but again, the documentation is limited and I couldn't find any examples of this component being used in the sample scenes. Has anyone ever successfully set up one of those?


Hey, I am trying to achieve something similar. Did you find a solution so far?

Unfortunately, no. I'm kinda out of ideas for this problem...