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How to make the cursor in the center of the screen?

Honored Guest
Hello everyone!
I am developing an application in which I need to implement control using a gaze using a gaze cursor. I tried two implementations:
1) A cursor that slides over surfaces similar to the example from the ouclus integration package. I faced the problem that when using IPD tracking and cameras for each eye, it is noticeable how the cursor jumps from distant surfaces to near ones. This is due to the distance between the eyes, the change in the size of the cursor when switching between the near far surfaces is not noticeable only if you render one image per left and right eye. I need to preserve IPD tracking to create a VR effect, so this implementation is not suitable
2) I tried the implementation through a culling mask, when we create a separate camera that draws the cursor in the center of the screen and superimposes it on the image of other cameras. Here there was a problem of double cursor because when drawing the cursor relative to the central camera, this very center for the left and right cameras is located at different points

Please suggest a suitable implementation or modification of the above

Any help would be welcome 🙂