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How to render Unity MainCamera and OVRCamera Rig independently (Using HDRP)?

Honored Guest

Dear all.

I am working on developing a desktop application that enables both desktop and VR users to interact with it simultaneously. However, I'm encountering an issue: the main camera from Unity's desktop version is always being rendered on the Meta Quest 3 VR headset as an overlay on top of the ovr camera rig . I'd like to find a way to exclude the main camera from being rendered on the Quest and only render the OVR Camera rig on the headset. 

Development environment:
Unity 2023.2.12.f1
OVR Camera rig prefab extracted from "Meta XR Interaction SDK OVR Samples" version 64

In the past, I was able to achieve the desired result but using Unity legacy render.  My prev. dev. environment is 
Unity 2022.1.13.f1
Oculus XR Plugin 3.0.2

To achieve the desired result, I simply needed to set the MainCamera's Output Target Eye to "None." This allowed the OVRCamera rig to render without the main camera. However, I'm no longer able to locate the camera output target option in Unity 2023.2.12.f1.


Does anyone know how to achieve this? I'm looking to create a Unity HDRP application with independent cameras for both desktop and VR users.

All the best