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How to upload Asset Bundle to my Oculus GO?

Honored Guest

This is where I faced the problem. First, what the absolute path even looks like on Android?

Second - how to upload files files on my  Oculus GO? Simply copying my asset bundle through file explorer does not work apparently (the progress bar never moves).

I tried using ADB, but it gives me some crap about 'remote secure_mkdirs failed: No such file or directory' for Android/data/ and 'remote couldn't create file: Read-only file system' for just android

What am I doing wrong here?


Honored Guest
Ok, I am giving up. @imperativity , what is the catch? The internet is littered with uploading photos/videos and I can't get any reasonable info.

Honored Guest
This is not the solution I was looking for, unfortunately. I specifically mentioned that I am using Unity's Asset Bundle. and I need to do it locally from PC to a headset without using Oculus Dashboard. @imperativity

have you found a good tutorial for this?
i've been following this but its not working