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In OculusUtilities' OVRPlayerController, is there a way to modify the D pad buttons for the xbox1?

Level 4
When yuo load the OVR player controller, movement is already available with the joysticks. PLUS the D pad also does movement, like faster running. But i don't want that. I want to use the D pad for my own actions. Is there a way to edit it?

Level 4
Thank you very much. I know about the names of the Buttons and how to check them if pressed. But what i'm saying is, by default the PlayerControllerOVR already has actions mapped to those buttons. Specifically moving forward fast. But i don't want that action for the Dpad UP. I want my own action.

Oculus Staff
Like all the scripts in the Assets/Oculus/VR/Scripts/Util folder, OVRPlayerController makes some assumptions about your use case and is designed to be easy for you to modify and replace. Please feel free to edit the script and change the buttons that are checked by the code - for example, UpdateMovement checks OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Button.DpadUp)), which you could change to something else, like Input.GetButton("Forward") if there is a "Forward" button defined in your input settings.