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Integrating Meta Avatars with Application Spacewarp

Honored Guest

I am working on an application that requires the use of Application Spacewarp and Meta Avatars 2 SDK. In testing, I have determined that the shaders for the Meta Avatars are not creating Motion Vectors for Application Spacewarp to use to correctly render its faked frame.

The rendering artifact that clued me into the issue was seeing the opaque Meta Avatars stuttering. According to the information from Meta's Application Spacewarp sample git repo (, this is a sign that the Meta Avatar shader is not generating Motion Vectors.

Has anyone worked with Application Spacewarp and the Meta Avatar SDK2 as of yet who could advise me in how to address this issue? Any and all help would greatly be appreciated!

I do have a possible initial lead in that in the Meta Avatar SDK2, there is a Recommended folder with a sub folder of "app_specific" which has 2 files; app-declarations and app_functions. These seem to be here for the purpose of adding app specific functionality to the Meta Avatar shader code. I am going to try and mess with them, but I don't have much experience in doing this kind of thing so again if the right people find this, any and all guidance on this point would also be appreciated!