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[Interaction SDK] Grab Interactable / Basic Setup Questions. How to learn the SDK?

Level 2

Hello all


I've created a new scene, imported the interactables from the basic grab scene and then brought in the OculusInteractionSampleRig prefab, as the one included in the basic grab scenes seems to have missing scripts.

I am currently trying to create a controller, starting with being able to pick objects up using hand tracking.

I can see the reference material on hand grabbable objects here: 


My general issue that there's now a lot of different components on each of the grabbable objects and on the OVRController itself. 

I'm looking to learn the interaction SDK (I've previously used the XR interaction toolkit but would love to switch the controller out for an OVR controller), but I'm finding it difficult to know just how to go about learning it.


My general questions for this post are:

How should I go about learning how to use the interaction SDK to build a controller?

Is there any general advice for how to go about learning new toolkits/SDKs? I struggled with the XR interaction toolkit due to finding the documentation to be somewhat lacking and non-informative, so it took a while.