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Invalid Package Name

Honored Guest
I am attempting to submit an update to an app already on the Oculus Store. Despite the packages both having the same name I am receiving the following error:

Invalid Package Name
The package name for an app can't change, and must be the same for every version of the app. Please upload a version with the correct package name.

I have double checked the app name and it is definitely the same. I have rebuilt a couple of times and been unable to get past this issue. Has anyone seen anything similar?


Oculus Staff
Can you dropbox me (in a PM) the APK you're trying to submit or the output of an “aapt dump badging foo.apk” and “aapt dump xmltree foo.apk AndroidManifest.xml”?

Rather than start a new thread, I'd like to report the same issue here. I'm pretty sure nothing has changed. Certainly not the package name for the past 2 years. I'll assume your offer still stands, so I'm sending a PM of the dump you requested from the OP.

UPDATE: scratch that. Downloaded a previous release, ran the aapt tool & saw that it had the correct bundle ID but my latest upload had a very old one. In reworking my build scripts I must have inadvertently renamed the bundle ID. Excuse me while I hit myself over the head a few times with a plank of timber.

Hey, I am having the same problem what was the fix for this issue?