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Invite to app not working for some users & potentially breaking Oculus social platform

Honored Guest

I am currently trying to implement the Invite to app / destinations / group presence features into a small test app for R&D purposes. At the moment, the app is able to set a user's group presence and display the group presence to players launching the app through an invite.


For a couple of test users, this app has worked correctly - allowing them to set a presence and invite each other without issue. However, for me and one other user since using the app, we have experienced various issues with the Oculus social platform.


For me - my Oculus account is no longer receiving invite notifications from any app that implements the Oculus invite system - not just my own test app. I have been unable to rectify this issue even with a full factory reset of the device.


For the other user - their online status on the friends list seemed to be displayed as offline to other users despite them being online, with any invites or messages sent by them not appearing to other users. This was able to be rectified by them starting a party within the social window in the headset, which set their status back to online and fixed the issue.


I am not sure whether a potentially incorrect implementation of the Invite system in my test app has caused these issues or if it's a coincidence and the issue lies with the Oculus api as a whole but in either case this seems like something fairly urgent that needs to be raised and addressed.


If anyone has any knowledge or advice on these issues it would be greatly appreciated, I'm currently at a loss as to what's going on here.