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Is Application SpaceWarp planned for other Unity rendering pipelines?


I've been reading this document on ASW:


From what I gather, one of the requirements is using the Universal Rendering Pipeline, and specifically the URP Fork provided in the guide.


Is it planned to have this feature also shipped on the Built-in Rendering Pipeline at some point in the future?




Sadly, as often seems to be the way around these dev forums, there's likely to be zero response from a Meta engineer. For what it's worth, my two pennies is that no, it'll just be URP. That's the recommended render pipeline for mobile development and being pushed by both Unity and Meta for Quest development, together with the Vulkan graphics API). Built-In is still around but very much seen as a legacy option (although many devs still swear by it of course). HDRP is really only for PC VR which doesn't really have a need for Application SpaceWarp. I think the intention there is that you should be using DLSS instead.
btw. I found this starter project incredibly useful for getting up to speed with ASW 

Thanks so much for the detailed response and for the link!

To give some context, my target device is mobile Quest 2 and I've spent a lot of time on 2021.3 LTS with URP trying to get decent performance. It's been very inconsistent, and may be related to a series of bugs in recent releases. For example:

- Performance loss

- MSAA unusable

I was really excited to jump into URP 12, a mature, third major version release (7, 10 and 12 if I recall), with big hopes. But once I found others reporting the same I gave up and removed URP, took some time to migrate what I could in the project to BiRP and voila - performance has stabilized. It will take time to bridge all gaps but I might stick with it I'm afraid- thus my question about legacy rendering pipeline and new features like ASW. In my experience so far, which is limited I must admit, 2021.3.11 LTS on BiRP on Vulkan seems to run well, especially with FFR. I've been able to do consistent 90 on a small puzzle game environment. I hope this helps future googlers.

Can't argue with you there 😉 URP in 2021 has been a nightmare. That's the reason that project I linked to is on 2020. The guy who made it was quite vocal on one of the bug reports you posted