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Is Application Spacewarp Worth Integrating?

Honored Guest

Hey all, just wanted to get some community (and hopefully developer) input on whether AppSW is appropriate for our project, and if other Unity devs have successfully shipped with it.  We're working on a medium sized adventure game with lots of moving creatures and player interactions, budgeted for quest 2 but hoping to use AppSW to reduce our GPU load and fit more assets in, as well as limit the amount of curving corridors we need to make. 

From the demo available through the Meta URP fork it seems like AppSW has a ton of caveats that cause distortion, for example fast moving objects, railings, transparency; so we're wondering what the ideal use case for AppSW would be and if it fits our project.

On a similar note, we've seen some posts on the forum that apparently shadergraph is not supported with AppSW. Is this information up to date? 

Any info on this would be great, cheers



Hey, as long as the action is not very fast paced ASW can give a great boost. Shader Graph works fine. Nearly all features work fine. You can still switch between ASW on/off (even during runtime),

Biggest caveat is that you need to use the URP fork of Meta, which does not get updated often and has some more bugs than recent URP of Unity.

I wonder if Unity 6 will work out of the box, as we are able to provide motion vectors (which are needed for /by ASW) easily via shader graph.