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Is eye tracking not working on PC(unity editor play mode) via oculus rift?

Honored Guest

Hey guys, does anyone tested eye tracking on PC (unity editor play mode) recently?

I found it just doesn't works today, and I didn't changed my project at all.

I tried loaded my archived project that eye gazing supported on PC for sure, and it still doesn't works as well.

Even demo scene for tracking is not working (everything shrinks to the floors).

Thing is, the eye tracking is still works on quest pro device.

I tried re-enable the Oculus PC eye tracking configuration, reboot my machine and my pc, re-install Oculus PC, and both my machine and the Oculus PC and the sdk(60.0) is up to date.

Then, on my same PC, I tried open a new, clean project with movement sdk only, not working as well.

I wonder if it just me, or it is actually caused by a bad update from meta?

Anything would be helpful, thank you!