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Is there a way to get/set the floor height data directly to the device?

Honored Guest

I am working on a unity VR application. Before starting the VR application, it is standard to set the player floor height and boundary within meta oculus guardian system. Once that is set you usually run the app. Usually once the app is running, if you want to change the guardian data (floorheight/boundary) you have to open the oculus menu to enable it. However, I want to be able to read/write to the floor height data from a unity3d script. Is it possible to do this?


using UnityEngine;
using static Unity.XR.Oculus.Boundary;

    void Awake()
        GetBoundaryDimensions(Boundary.BoundaryType.PlayArea, out Vector3 dimensions);

You can access boundary data from this line, but to write boundary data, I am not very sure.

Thank you for the feedback thisjsujsu. 

Seems that most of the capabilities are found here in these links.

However there is no explicit detailed way to edit the boundary or floor height from the API scripting.

Would love if someone could confirm this.