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Is there a way to get the Oculus Go remote buttons into Unity Input Settings?

Hi folks,

I noticed on importing Oculus Utilities into my Unity project that it created Input settings in Unity (Project Settings -> Input) for Oculus_GearVR but these don't seem to work for the Oculus Go remote when I've tried using them. Is there a recommended way to map the common Oculus Go input buttons (trigger, touch pad directions) into Project Settings -> Input? If so please can you provide an example of how I can do it? Would be cool if Oculus Go input was included and mapped already with latest Oculus Utilities as well plz Oculus :smile:

Thanks everyone.


Ah never mind, I've managed to just use an Input Manager to check for button presses in an Update method and then I send custom events to other game objects based on those events.  Still would be awesome to somehow map those to the Input settings in Unity, but I don't have a clue how to do that :smiley:

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I'm curious about using the input manager too, what was the end solution if you don't mind sharing?  It's a shame there isn't a clearer way to add buttons like many other gamepads using this method.