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Is there a way to load an apk inside an apk for the Meta Quest?

Honored Guest

I'm trying to research a rather unique problem. I wanted to know if I can open an apk (application) inside an already running apk/application on the Meta Quest 2/3. So far, I've found a few links about opening an app from another app (deep-linking and this github, but I wanted to know if launching an app inside an app is possible on the Quest. The apks/applications are made in Unity C#. One question on the Android StackOverflow mentions a similar problem, and the responder says it's not possible due to how Android and it's sandbox environment is made. I'd greatly appreciate resources or if you could point me to the right direction.

I tried the GitHub, and more about launching an app from another app through Deep-Linking. After some hardships, I'm able to get that to work although I want to launch an app inside an already running app. Not sure if that is possible (don't have a lot of native Android development experience!). Thank you!