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Is there a way to not show the white hourglass when loading a new scene?

Honored Guest
I am switching between two scenes asynchronously and the loading is pretty smooth, just about a frame or two spike in fps but not very noticeable.  However the white hourglass flashes on screen for those few frames and is really distracting and makes the project feel like it is lagging. Any ideas on how to avoid/remove the hourglass and/or speed up the loading between scenes?
I've seen this question posted once or twice but I couldn't find an answer that worked. 

Thank you!


you can add an OVR overlay element to the scene before loading. So long as that's being rendered to the hmd the hourglass will not show

Expert Protege
Does this principle also apply to Gear/Go builds, which don't use the same hourglass UX? I've tried adding a cubemap underlay to our loading sequence sub-scene to see if it will suppress huge rendering hiccups while we get big CPU spikes and it doesn't appear to be working.