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Issue with Porting Unity VR app to latest OVR

I am trying to port an VR app written a couple of months ago in Unity 5.2 to Unity 5.3, and I'm running into two problems.

This app features stereo cube-maps, where the cube-map rendered to the left eye is different from the right eye. This app also plays 3d videos encoded in an over/under format where a different portion of the frame is displayed to each eye.

In the latest version of the OVR Unity plugin (OVRPlugin_Unity5_1.3.2), the left and right cameras are not exposed as Unity cameras. I see the value in this for the rendering efficiency, but it breaks the above features. I can change the way the app renders those features as long as I can know which eye is currently being rendered. Is there any way?

Oculus Staff
Try setting Camera's Target Eye = Left or Right instead of Both.

Hi. Thanks for the help @vrdaveb.

I am not familiar with "Target Eye". How is that set? By "Target Eye" are you referring to setting a layer for the camera's culling mask?

Edit: I have found the "Target Eye" setting on the Camera behavior. I will try that.


An update - I was able to create two new cameras with the "Target Eye" set to Left and Right, and used the camera's culling mask just for the cube maps and the 'video projection screen' quad.