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Keyboard Overlay broken with v33 update


The Keyboard overlay doesn't come up any more after the v33 OS update. Is this something the needs fixing in a system update or are there some new settings/manifest entries that are needed from this version?


Quest 2 and this is happening to all our clients as they keep writing us concerned 

Hi Ayfel, what version of the Oculus SDK were you using? Also - do you have a link to your app? 

This is the app as you can see the login only works on first launch after restarting the headset (I sent more details in a ticket). As for the Oculus SDK we are using the 1.55.1 VR plugin in the Unity integration.

I included pictures of logcat in the ticket I submitted btw in case that's helpful


Are there any requirements for minimum versions of unity used to build the app or the sdk? There was no communication about developers needing to do anything for this to be resolved after the update but we would happily release a new version if it meant fixing the problem.

Same here.

Hi wojwen, do you have a link to your app we can test? 

Unfortunately no, it's still in development and not uploaded anywhere.

Oculus Staff

Hey developers! If you're still affected by the keyboard issue after updating to v35, can you reply to this with a link to your app? Also, let us know what version of Unity + the integration version you are using. Thanks. 

Oculus Staff

Hey all - I just wanted to share a workaround one of our support engineers found: 


For Unity Engine, if you use this syntax:


keyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("", TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default);  


it'll work on Android mobile devices but not in the Oculus Quest.


However, if you use the syntax:


keyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("", TouchScreenKeyboardType.ASCIICapable); 




TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("", TouchScreenKeyboardType.PhonePad);


then it should work with the Quest. 


Please make sure your headset is updated to v35. Thank you!

Is there a similar workaround for Unreal? We're running 4.27.