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Keyboard Overlay broken with v33 update


The Keyboard overlay doesn't come up any more after the v33 OS update. Is this something the needs fixing in a system update or are there some new settings/manifest entries that are needed from this version?



I have similar issues with the keyboard in a Unity application with v33. For me, the keyboard not showing up is sort of reproducible when I click on an InputField twice. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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We are using it in Unity (by calling TouchScreenKeyboard.Open) and it still works in

But there is something wrong with it. We just noticed problem which you described in the thread "Issues with the Keyboard overlay" that using bottom-right close keyboard key isn't handled by Unity. And if I click Oculus button twice when Keyboard is open then first click closes Keyboard and second click switches to Quest home screen - which is rather not expected behaviour. To back to the game I need to open apps list and click on the app icon.


Same behavior in Unreal projects where we are using the keyboard. I post here to get notification for new responses. 

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We are using UE4 and we have a lot of Apps that make use of the Oculus keyboard. Now the keyboard isn't working in none of them when they were working in the past.

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Same issue here, Oculus keyboard solution is broken for all apps using unreal engine, urgent fix needed!


Same issue (I think).

I can open and use the keyboard just fine (either by calling TouchScreenKeyboard.Open or through input fields), closing it is the issue.

If I close the keyboard by submiting the input, things work just fine.
Now if I close it by clicking outside the keyboard area or through Y button Unity does not trigger OnApplicationFocus(true) causing the same behaviour as jaceks described.


Having the same problem where clicking outside the keyboard does not return focus to our Unity app and
 TouchscreenKeyboard.Status remains "Visible" forever when this happens.

Seems to be related bugs logged in the Unity Issue Tracker but they are marked "Fixed". 

Was looking forward to the keyboard's dictation feature but this makes the keyboard completely unusable.

Oculus Staff

Hey there! Just wanted to chime in to say that we're actively investigating this issue. I'll keep y'all updated when there's a solution. Thanks! -m 

Yes when I am done using the keyboard it isnt returning the focus back to the app. Did you find a solution?