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Lagg in unity passthrough with meta all in one sdk

Honored Guest

Im using meta xr all in one sdk in unity 2022. My scene contains only the camera rig building block and the passthrough building block. When i press play with my quest 3 connected the application starts. The problem is that the passthrough has a very low frame rate. But when i go outside of my room bounds so the passthrough changes from the applications to the "meta" passthrough the frame rate is good. I have tried on 2 pc's with both a usb 2 and a usb 3.2 10gbps cable, and on two different unity version (2021 and 2022). When i tried with the better cable, i got much more frames, from like 10 to 30 but still not nearly enough to be able to use the play mode in unity. In the task manager of my windows 10 system there is no substantial usage of either my cpu (i9 9900k) or my gpu (rtx 3070).