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Launch app with tracking disabled.

Honored Guest

Hi there, can a UnityXR app launch while headset tracking is disabled?

One of our clients wants to use their Quest 1 headsets on ships for training purposes. Due to the ship's movement, the headset loses tracking frequently, leading them to disable tracking entirely. Our app doesn't require 6DoF, but it fails to launch if headset tracking is off. I've examined the YouTube app's manifest file, as it can launch with tracking disabled, and attempted to replicate its settings in our app's manifest. However, our app still won't launch when tracking is off. Is there a way to launch a UnityXR app with tracking disabled?


Unity 2021.3.25

Oculus XR Plugin 3.3.0 (latest that supports Quest 1)




Honored Guest

It seems the Oculus Quest store adds the tracking requirement. If I use a different package name and launch from unknown sources, everything works even with tracking disabled.