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Link to specific (Horizon) World from Meta app

Honored Guest

Hello everyone! I'm building a meditation app in VR for a client of mine. Right now he wants the player to be completely solo within our app (that's easy!) but also have access to a 'community room' in Meta Horizon Worlds where they can meet other people.

I understand that a world in Meta Horizon Worlds has to be open to everyone and can't be private - that's OK! That is not my question. In particular, here's what I want to know: how can our Unity app have an interaction where we send the player directly to our community room in Meta Horizon Worlds? The UX flow I'm looking for is...

Player is in our app, meditating

Player decides to visit community room

Player taps on a door behind them

Player is automatically loaded into Horizon Worlds and sent to our Community Room


Is anything like that possible? I understand they will at least need Horizon Worlds downloaded on their headset, but we're taking that as a given. Beyond that, can apps load other apps? Can we at least sent them to the Horizon Worlds home screen with the community room loaded up and ready to enter?

Appreciate any feedback or examples you can provide! I'll feel silly if it's as simple as "Open External URL" but I can't really see what the "URL" of a specific Horizon World is anywhere. Thanks for the help 🙂