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Looking for OVRGraber/OVRGrabbable advanced tutorial

I am trying to find out how to work with grabbing objects in the Quest and the basic stuff works fine. I can pick up things and drop them again.
Now I want to understand how grabpoints and offsets work. The scripting guide on the developer page does not give much information, just a description of the parameters. I actually did a search on the developer site for grab and grabber and got no results.

Can someone point me to a good tutorial or reference or example that covers grab points, snap offset/rotation (I found this post but the solution there seems to involve changing OVRGrabber itself, that can not be how Oculus developers intended this to work.). And the relation to grip transform on the Grabber script.

Edit: I looked at the DistanceGrabber example and figured things would work the same for the OVRGrabber, but unfortunately that is not the case. According to the example manual the grip transform on OVRGrabber is the point where a grabbed object will snap. In the picture below you can see that I added a sphere to the hand as grip transform, but the box still snaps to the hand.
Also for the Grabbable, I interpreted the manual so that the snap offset is relative to the gameobject with the OVRGrabbable script on it, but as you can see in the two pictures below, I added a capsule as grab point, but the snap is completely off.


I assume you either gave up on this or moved on but...that snap offset is really garbage the way it is out of the box. The offset is determined in world space. So, create a GameObject at the root level and zero the rotations and transforms out. Assign this game object as your snap offset object. The rotation or offset of that object relative the scene origin (or world space) determines your snap offset relative to the grabbable. Yes, it is not intuitive to set even when you know what you are supposed to be doing. A lot of trial and error.

@rlogan Thanks for the explanation.
Yeah, I guess I did give up, didn't see this until today. My main focus in on developing for the Vive, but every now and then I try to port the application to an Oculus device.and usually get stuck quickly.
So I may come back to this eventually.