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Manualy changing player height in "game" Oculus Quest 2 VR

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Hello Beautifull people,

my name is Rico and i had a question.

i have the basics worked out for my manual player height changing, but because the Camera is an active changing object i was wondering if there was a way i could freeze the object with code while we change the height and save it and not let it override when its unfrozen. 

so when the camera is 1.55cm and i want it to be 1.68cm so i have to add 13 cm's i want to change that with my UI i made and add it to the existing Y axis of the camera and when i unfreeze the camera i want it to stay like that and not shoot back to 1.55cm. 

is there a way to do this or is their a simpler way to do this? im like 90% done with what i want to do with it but this is the last stuggle. 




i am using tracked pose driver on my camera. 




Just nest your Camera inside a parent so that you can offset its position on the y axis.
This is the HurricaneVR (Unity asset) rig, which does just that:HurricaneVR.jpg


perhaps this helps you . you can also change the height of your charakter controller or capsula collider ob player.