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Material Passes Issue in OVR Performance Lint Tool for Unity (Standard Render Pipeline)



Hello Meta Quest Forum members,

I'm currently working on a VR project for Oculus Quest in Unity, using the standard render pipeline and the Unity XR Plug-In Management. I've been using the OVR Performance Lint Tool to identify and resolve any potential performance issues specific to the Quest platform.

The tool has been incredibly helpful so far, automatically fixing most of the identified issues. However, I've encountered a problem that doesn't have a built-in fix button: "Material Passes: Please use 2 or fewer passes in materials." I'm not sure how to address this issue manually.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience on how to resolve this issue? I'm not using the Universal Render Pipeline or any other custom render pipeline, just the standard one for a basic 3D project.

Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!