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Meta Avatar 2 Custom Hand Poses


I'm currently implementing custom hand poses to meta avatars and have followed the documentation here:

However, the documentation is incredibly sparse and doesn't detail how to do anything in good enough detail really. I've tried to look around to see if anyone else has managed to implement this but all I could see was people not being able to implement it. 

The main problem that I'm experiencing with it is that every time I run the app, the fingers of the avatar bend in completely different ways when pressing any button and changing the pose. It seems to change how they bend based on the orientation of the controller at the start of the application which is bonkers. 

I currently have two seperate rigs, as it says to do in the code, where one is a reference skeleton and one is the pose one, but yeah every time the app runs it acts completely differently. The pose skeleton acts correctly and poses right while the other one doesnt move as expected.

Is the meta avatars custom hand poses just unsupported at this time?


Level 2

I had a similar problem.
My requirement was to map the state of HandsSyntheticVisual in InputOVR to the hand model of Avatar. As a result, adding OvrAvatarHandJointType to the key hand joints as in the CustomHandPoseExample scene only makes the Avatar's hand move like it has a "gout"!

Level 5

I have the same problem, have you found out how to make it work yet?

Level 5

I've got it: On your OvrAvatarCustomHandPose component, if its the left hand. Set the Hand Skel Local Forward z component to be -1.

Thanks for the reply, but the problem with my issue is not with Hand Skel Local Forward.

But I referenced this blog (1) Re: Experimenting with wiring Oculus Interaction S... - Meta Community Forums - 954113 (oculusvr... to solve the custom Pose problem for gesture recognition. As for the custom syncing of Avatar Hands Pose when the player is using the controller, there is not a good solution yet.

My requirement was really that the Avatar's Hands Pose would be consistent with the HandGrabPose setup Pose in the Interaction SDK, regardless of whether the player was using Hands Traking or a controller.