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Meta Avatar SDK Unity WebGL Support

Honored Guest

I know that as of right now Meta Avatar SDK does not support Unity WebGL builds because of web limitations when it comes to some of the SDKs features, however I was wondering if there was a way to overcome this just so I could load the avatar on a WebGL build without using the other features provided by the SDK.


Honored Guest

Hello. If you are looking for avatars for WebGL build, you can try out the MetaPerson avatars: There is way of creating models in GLB/FBX and load them into unity scene or integrate the MetaPerson Creator in your unity application. 

I managed to do that and it worked for other GLB models but it won't work for the Meta Avatar SDK presets which I also can't view using 3D Viewer or Paint 3D and after looking online it seems to be because of the special optimization on these models, is there a way to go around that optimization so I can keep using the same models for the WebGL version of the app.
Thanks for the help.