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Meta Avatar and Interaction SDK Hand Tracking Positioning Issue

Expert Protege

Issue: While using both Meta Avatars and Hand Interaction SDK, my fingers don't align in certain positions.

Pressing a button on a canvas with only the Meta Avatars hands visible is inaccurate and leads to misses or accidental button clicks. 

I understand I can pass custom data to the Interaction SDK hands but seems like a lot of trouble.

Here are examples. Certain angles are worse than others. Certain angles seem to be aligned well. 








Expert Protege

Has anyone tried this? Still wondering if there is a relatively easy solution?

Hello Robert, possible to help me about create an meta avatar that can interact w other objects?


Hi there, have any of you figured this out? I'm still stuck on the same problem and trying to use the Synthetic hands as a data source for the avatar.


If you're still searching -

A solution to the avatar synthetic hands problem (in case anyone comes searching the discord for this in the future): I was looking through the Unity-Decomissioned project for some reason or another yesterday and I discovered a few avatar scripts, one of which was a replacement for the Sample Input Manager that let you select a source for the HMD and hands. The code was old and I had to replace a GetRootPose with a TryGetRootPose (didn't do anything about the case where it fails though) so I thought I'd share my edits in a github repo:

I included a few comments and screenshots to make it easy to follow.