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Meta Avatars realtime spot and point of light work now...sort of (see video of issue)

Expert Protege

For the few of us here who are using real time spot or point of lights, the Meta Avatars now sort of support using the AvatarSdkManagerLibrary in the body tracking input field (which BTW is odd that this is what sets the shader). It is barely passable for me at this time due to this glitch shown here where no matter the settings of a real-time spot or point of light, it will flicker on an off when moved away or towards a character and not in a gradual increase/decrease of light as would be with any other object with a real time shader. It is making it hard to implement but it is a step in the right direction at least. If you figured out how to make this shader light gradual, I would love to hear from you. 


If Meta is reading this, please update the avatar shaders as I really need realtime lights as I have hundreds of them in my title and the current implementation is not really cutting it.


Light Issue Example:


In my app example: 
How it all looks within my title is where it gets a little messier. Note in the above clip the blue seat you are in reacting to the real time spot lights shining from direct above as it goes under them and then note that your arms from that same light using the "Library" Meta Avatar shader looks okish at best, and glitchy at worst. It almost looks like I am using light probes, but I am not. 



distanceAttenuation related? sorry. can you edit the shader? is it URP?