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Meta XR ControllerHands Locomotion

Honored Guest

I am looking to upgrade my project from the XR Interaction Toolkit to Meta XR Interaction SDK.  After going through the sample scenes and trying every iteration I can think of, I can't get a version of the ControllerHands to work with the locomotion system.  The Sample locomotion scene enables the use of either controllers or hands, but I am trying to get a version where the player is using the controllers but the hands are being shown in the game.  Does anyone know how to do this?




Use the Controller's version of the Locomotion prefab. You might not have a ControllerDataSource in your rig, if so add it, and wire it to the Locomotion prefab (probably using ControllerRef).

Alternatively you can just add a Controller prefab, and remove the Controller visuals. And attach to it all the Interactors you want to use with a controller.