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Meta XR Simulator and OVRBody

Honored Guest

Has anyone gotten OVRBody to work with the Meta XR Simulator?

I'm running a project with to control a mixamo skeleton with full body tracking

the workflow is I drag the skeleton into my project, then go to GameObject -> Movement samples -> Body tracking -> Animation rigging retargeting (full body) (constraints)

This works fine when i run using my quest, but when i try to use the meta xr simulator the model just sits in the default state and i get these messages

[OVRBody] Failed to start body tracking with joint set FullBody.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object)
OVRBody:StartBodyTracking () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@65.0.0/Scripts/Movement/OVRBody.cs:124)
OVRBody:OnEnable () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@65.0.0/Scripts/Movement/OVRBody.cs:93)

[OVRPlugin] [xrEndFrame] `bundle_->device()->CreateTexture2D(&desc, nullptr, texture.ReleaseAndGetAddressOf())` returns error. result: 0X80070057 - The parameter is incorrect.. (arvr\projects\openxr_simulator\src\rendering\sim_dx11_swapchain.cpp:280) (<OPENXR>:0)
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object)
OVRManager:OVRPluginLogCallback (OVRPlugin/LogLevel,intptr,int) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.meta.xr.sdk.core@65.0.0/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:2009)

and then some other similar looking error messages that all begin with [OVRPlugin] [xrEndFrame] that i can include if necessary

i do notice that when i look at interaction profiles in the meta xr simulator device setup, i have no interaction profile for my head (not sure if relevant)

i'm assuming the problem is because the meta xr simulator doesn't have some sort of functionality / configuration to enable the full body tracking to work, but i don't really know how to debug that 😅

i'm not completely stuck but it would be really nice to be able to run two builds at once that both have the skeleton tracking as i'm trying to create a multiplayer app that uses it


Honored Guest

dunno if there's an edit button but i basically followed this tutorial -